Bumper Testimony

Okay, so I know you’ve all heard it before. I know you probably all agree, but I have to vent anyway. I work downtown, and therefore see my share of traffic every morning and evening. Well, this morning on my way to work I got on the ramp, and attempted to get on to the freeway. As is the case more times than not (pause and reflect on the hugeness of that statement), the person to my left sped up and got right behind the car in front of him so that I could not get on the highway. Did we learn this in elementary school when we didn’t want anyone to cut in front of us in the lunch line? What’s the big deal?? Did he really get where he was going any faster because he didn’t let me in? Okay – we all have these opinions about freeway drivers. BUT, here’s what prompted me to post this blog: On the back of his truck he had a bumper sticker.

SIDENOTE: I am pretty much completely opposed to bumper stickers as a whole. 1st, the person who puts the bumper sticker on the vehicle is not always the one driving which creates confusion in the minds of the lookers on. 2nd, it is rare that the person who put the sticker on (assuming that it is the same person as the one driving the vehicle) actually believes what they have stickered. I think bumper stickers are like personalized license plates, tattoos, piercings (which I’ve had – and therefore can comment on w/ authority), flourescent colored-hair (which I’ve also had) , and other such things. They are used to get attention – nothing more. They are rarely a statement of belief, passion, character or anything other than “hey, look at me!”

Now back to the story: The bumper sticker on this truck made me angry, sad, confused, ashamed – all kids of feelings. You’ve seen the sticker – I know you have. Some of you probably have the sticker on your car (I still love you). It said: “My boss is a Jewish Carpenter.”
I know what you’re thinking: “He might not have seen you.”, “It’s not like he flipped you off, or cut you off.” “What’s the big deal?”

The big deal is really a HUGE deal. This man for some reason decided he wanted to be associated w/ Jesus Christ – and so he put a sticker on his car. Well, now everyone that he refuses to let on the highway, or cuts off, or looks at funny will know that this man is a self-proclaimed representative of Jesus Christ – and look at how he treated me. It’s similar to when you go to a restaurant and at the end of the meal you leave a gospel tract for the waiter/waitress to read, but alongside it you leave a pathetic tip (or no tip at all) – I know this goes on frequently, I used to be a waitress. What does all this say about Christians? That we’re cheap? That we’re the most important car on the road? That we don’t care about your safety in your vehicle or the safety of your kids who are with you? That perhaps we just think we’re better than you and deserve more road space???

I’m a little perturbed. I will admit. I also have to admit that I am not a perfect driver. But I do try to realize that w/ or w/out a bumper sticker (I choose to go w/out) I am a representative of the most caring, loving, giving, patient person that ever walked the Earth – Jesus Christ.
Oh my goodness, please STOP THE MADNESS!!! Ditch the stickers! Let the other guy in! Tip your waitress! PRACTICE KINDNESS!!! People ARE watching you!

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