The House in the Cerulean Sea (A Book Review)

The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

This fantastic fiction treasure is more than I hoped for. More hilarious. More poignant. More robust and colorful. Just more in every way.

It begins with Linus Baker, a regular forty year old man content in his job and routine, who is given an unusual assignment. This assignment (by extremely upper management) brings him to a new and fantastical place filled with magnificent and magical children that change his perspective on the world, his job, himself, and everyone and everything he’s ever known to be true.

I cannot even begin to express how in love with these characters I am – every single one of them. Most books – especially fantasy – have a ton of throw-away characters who are only put into the story to move it along in some way. This book has none of that. Every character – even the ones who show up for a page or two – are fully realized by the author. The description and style of writing throughout this phenomenal novel is such that I could picture every person and place in my mind. Every time I picked the book back up to continue reading, I was immediately transported back to the place and time of the story.

I absolutely LOVED this book – it truly is the best fantasy book I’ve read since The Hobbit in the 6th grade. T.J. Klune has written another book that’s coming out this year and you can bet your best hat that I’ve already pre-ordered it (and you should too!)

It’s called Under the Whispering Door and I cannot wait to read it! Here’s a glimpse of it’s gorgeous and fantastical cover:

If you’ve read The House in the Cerulean Sea, what did you think? If you’ve not read it yet, what are you waiting for?

If you’d like to know what else I’m reading, you can connect with me on Goodreads or Instagram.

Happy Reading!

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