Punderdome (A Card Game for Pun Lovers) – Review

My family loves games.  We play a ton of HeadsUp (a free app for iPhone created by Ellen Degeneres) and LOVE to be silly and laugh together.  It’s really the best part about our little family is how much fun we have together.  So, I was thrilled to try out this new game called Punderdome.  It’s a card game for people who love silly puns – well, that’s SO us.  It started as a live game show in Brooklyn, NY (which still goes on today) and then the creators of the game show, Jo & Rodney Firestone (daughter and father) turned it into a card game.

A couple of first impressions..

  1. It’s easy to travel with.  It’s a small box and could go on any long road trip or vacation with you (or even a long doctor’s office visit).  I’m keeping the cards in my car so we can play during the 2 hours I spend dropping off and picking up kids from school every day.
  2. It’s made for a certain kind of person (a weird one).  The box says for 12 and up and I think that’s probably about right.  However, you will not be good at this game simply because you’re older. I think it takes a certain kind of brain – the super creative (maybe even a little wacky) person will love this game.  You have to take two unrelated words and put them together in a cheesy way.  My eight year old is fabulous at this because she’s as nutty as the game is.  I’m sure there are adults that would be terrible at it.  It’s not so much an intellectual game as a wacky one. (Although you would think the opposite would be true).
  3. You can play this game forever and it would still feel fresh.  There are TONS of cards and even if you ran through them all, there are unlimited combinations.  I can’t imagine this game ever getting stale or repetitive simply because of the way it’s set up.  You draw one white card and one green card and put them together with a pun.  There are 100 of each color.  I’m no math whiz, but I assume that makes for a ton of different combos

You need a timer (there’s one on your phone), a pen (who doesn’t have a pen), and mystery envelope prizes.  The mystery prize thing was a little weird in my opinion – I hate when my games have prep work, like they are some fancy lasagna or something.  However, I figure that you can just write out weird prizes – like a hug.  Or getting to make another player sing the national anthem a cappella (or some other embarrassing thing that will make you giggle).

Overall, I was really impressed by Punderdome.  It’s not really a family game for us (all but one of my kids is under ten), but it’ll be fun for the rest of us.  It’s also really inexpensive on Amazon as far as games go.  If your family is as wacky as mine, you’ll love this game!


Disclaimer: I received a copy of this game from BloggingforBooks.com for the purposes of this review.  I was not required to write a positive review.  All opinions expressed are my own


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