Every Little Thing – a Book Review


Sitting down with this book by Deidra Riggs is like sitting down with an old friend.  It’s like sitting down with Deidra herself.  I cannot tell you how warm and inviting her words were in this little book.  I felt a connection to Deidra and her sweet and sassy style of writing from the very beginning of Part One: Knowing Yourself.  It felt as though I was sitting down with a wise friend who was sharing her own story and who was equally invested in my own.  It felt almost like a pep talk.  She said things like, “God loves you and me, just the way we are – prone to wander and all the rest.” (pg 40) and “You’ve forgotten that fear doesn’t disqualify you from the thing God is calling you to” (pg 58).

I loved the author’s analogies and stories about her journey, and felt so very encouraged and inspired by her own personal lessons learned.  I especially loved the chapter titled “Breathlessness” where she talks about Abram and Sarai.  She talks about the faithfulness of God and our own trust and surrender to His purposes.  She says, “God is God, and he is faithful regarding the promises he speaks over us and into us” (pg 108).  She also says, “When we search for significance outside of surrender to God, we create our own version of God’s plan for us, and it rarely measures up” (pg 110).

In the final section of the book, Taking the Next Step, there are so many “quotables” that I nearly highlighted an entire chapter!  She talks about the Gospel needing to be lived and how the Gospel doesn’t actually need defending but rather needs to be lived.  “The gospel of Jesus does not need us to make it right or true, or worthy of our attention or devotion.  It does not ask us to draw lines of division or to build walls of separation.  It doesn’t need a new wardrobe or a new method of delivery.  It doesn’t need to be timed or altered or picked at any more.  The gospel needs to be lived” (pg 139).

While I LOVEDthis book, I loved its author even more.  I loved her wit and wisdom and her love for the Gospel and for her reader was so very evident and encouraging.  I am excited to recommend this book for anyone who just needs a good friend and encourager and I eagerly await another book by Deidra Riggs!


Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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