Long Showers

My fifteen year old daughter takes long showers.  We’re talking 30-45 minute long showers.  I’m baffled by them.  Truly.  I mean what in the world can you do in the shower for 45 minutes?!  She has this beautiful, long, thick hair so I assume at least 20 minutes of her shower time includes all the hair washing.  But after that, really how long could it possibly take?!

I had a long and extremely exhausting day today (tons of stupid laundry, three meals to cook, two rooms to clean, a potty-training kid, a sick barfy baby, tons of work to do, four spills, three baths, at least six melt-downs, and a partridge in a pear tree).  When my husband got home (after 7pm) I decided I needed a long, hot shower.  While everyone else was eating the dinner I prepared, I got in the shower determined to stay there for at least 20 minutes.  After about 3 minutes everything was clean.  Seriously.  It’s not like I’m a speedy person, either.  I even have a waterproof speaker in my shower so I can listen to music.  I thought it would help me to take longer showers – I always try to make through at least one whole song before I get out.  It’s such a chore.  What in the world?  When did this happen to me?  When I was a teenager I’m pretty sure I used up my fair share of hot water, but now I’m certain I could take at least twenty showers a day with hot water to spare (20 showers a day – pfft.  I rarely get more than three a week).  Tonight, after about four minutes, I found myself cleaning the walls of the shower with my pomegranate body wash.  Boo.  Then I couldn’t remember if I conditioned my hair – you know, because it had been so long since then.  So I did it again only to suddenly remember that, in fact, I had.  Boo again.

So now, after my four and a half minute shower, my hair is over-conditioned and my shower is sparkly clean.  So much for long showers.  But yay for clean ones.

2 thoughts on “Long Showers

  1. Rachel K says:

    You cleaned your shower. ahahahahaha.
    I think you are more of a busy body than I realized. In a twenty minute shower you just stand there. And let your mind wander. And then you take like. 20 minutes to dry. You tweeze your eyebrows, blow dry your hair and make it look like it has body for 5 minutes, cut your nails into super sharp points and act like a cat, them cut them to regular shapes.

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