Funny Kidisms – Part One

I have this collection of the funny things my kids say.  I thought, for your midweek pick-me-up I might share some of them with you.  These are from the Spring of 2013 – so they’re oldies but goodies.  This was from three years ago, so Maya was almost 5 and Sydney was 6.  All of my kids are hilarious, but this particular season was filled with mostly Maya-isms.

“I’ve been thinking…wouldn’t it be cool if I could be invisible while I am in the sea?  That way sharks couldn’t eat me.” – Maya

“Did you know that spies are from another planet?  They’re kinda like astronauts.  They can come to this planet though.  Isn’t that cool?” – Maya

“Jesus is sending us a note again.  A pink note.  In the sky.” (she believed that anytime the sky was beautiful, it was Jesus sending us a love note) – Maya

Mom: “Maya, what would you like to learn about?”

Maya: “Cake.  And eyeballs.  Bloody eyeballs.”

Maya: “Can you get me that for my birthday? (A little stuffed unicorn)

Mom: “Maybe for your birthday.”

Maya: “No. No maybe. I want that. I’m not kidding.”

“Business in the front…Flowers in the back!” – Maya

February 13, 2013 …. We had roast for dinner.

Maya: “Ewww! I like helping animals. Not eating them!”

Syd: “Mmmm! Can I have some more cow please?”

The Middles (Syd & Maya) were playing and I heard a bit of their conversation:

Sydney: “I’m leaving. I’m going to save the world!”

Maya: “You can’t! The light of darkness is too strong!”

“It’s not okay to punch anyone. That’s not nice. Unless it’s a zombie.” – Maya

“You know what makes werewolves uncomfortable? People. They hate people.” – Maya

March 4, 2013. I was trying to explain the different parts of the cow that we eat. We get to rump roast and Maya says, “Wait! So I’m eating clutius maximus?!” 

“I had a dream last night. I know it was a dream because we were all octopuses … and we were all skinny.” – Maya

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