Funny Kidisms – Part Two

Here’s another installment of silly things my kids have said..

These are also from 2013, so Maya was 5, Syd was almost 7.

funny kids

Maya: “Your ear looks like an elf.”

Mom: “Maybe I am an elf.”

Maya: “No, you’re not!  Elves are smaller!”

Maya to her Daddy: “When I grow up and am a mom, I want to marry someone just like you…because you’re funny…and I want to have funny kids!”

Sydney: “Roly poly.  On the ceiling.  Not moving.”

Maya: “That’s because its saying BEWARE!!! BEWARE THE ROLY POLY!!!”

Maya: “It’s gross having armpits because sometimes you get hair in them.  And sometimes you get big eyebrows!  Gross!”

Daddy (to Maya): “Please don’t put meatballs in your sister’s hair.”

Maya: “I didn’t mean to.  I was sleeping.”

Maya: “They’re called hot dogs because they’re hot…and apparently they’re pig.”

Sydney (to her Daddy): “If you insult me then you insult my mommy and if you insult my mommy then she will BEAT you!”

Maya: “I really need to wash my feet because now I am making shoes gross.”

Mom (to Maya): “Are you wearing Sydney’s shoes?”

Maya: “Yes I am.  CLEARLY I don’t know where MY shoes are.”

Maya: “I found some gum on a chair tonight…and I accidentally picked it up…and then I accidentally put it in my mouth…and then I accidentally swallowed it.  Is that bad?”

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