Funny Kidisms – Part Three

Another weekly installment of funny things my kids say and do…

These are from the fall of 2013, so Sydney was 7, Maya was 5 and Finley was 2.


Maya (to her Papa): “Did you take a grey pill?  Cause last night your hair was brown and now it’s not.”

I asked Maya to let the dog in from outside, so she opened the back door and shouted, “Get your raggedy butt in here, Tux!”

Maya to Sydney: “Get in the stinkin’ car for goodness steaks!”

Maya: “There is a boy at school that I hate.”

Mom: “Why do you hate him?”

Maya: “Because he looks like a vampire.”

Maya: “Do I even have a neck?”

Mom: “Yes.”

Maya: “Well, I can’t see it. …Wait – does a neck move your head?”

Mom: “Yes.”

Maya: “OH! Well that explains why I can’t see it.”

Maya: “Mommy, I think it’s time for you and me to decide on a name for the new baby (talking about Hendrix).  If it’s a girl, how about Little Red Riding Hood?”

Maya: “For Halloween I’m going to be Bat-Ariel.  That means my head is going to be a bat and there is going to be red hair peeking out.”

While driving through Chick-fil-A, Finley rolls down her window and turns to Syd and Maya.  Then she asks them this: “What you want sisters?”  Then she looks back out the window and says, “Chickens please!”

Maya (to Sydney): “Don’t bite off more than you can fit in your shoe.”

Maya: “If you had some nuts and then a cracker, then together they’d make the sound nutcracker.  Or you could have some nuts ON a cracker.  That’s good too.”

Maya has put her own spin on the My Favorite Things song from the Sound of Music: “…mittens on strudel and noodles on mittens…”

Maya: “Jesus made us because he wanted little friends because he was tired of big friends.  We used to be toys and then became pictures and then were sent down and so we have to try new food even if we don’t like it.”






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