The Gift of Friendship – A Book Review

This lovely book is like a conference in book form.  The chapters are short but poignant, and each are written by sweet women who bear their hearts and souls with their words.  I laughed, I cried, I highlighted – what more could I possibly ask for.  This isn’t my regular non-fiction, self-help book.  It’s remarkably different both in style and in content.  This is a book that makes you feel in the deepest places within yourself.  As I read through the stories contained in this book (which are as varied as the women who wrote them), I found myself thinking of my own stories of friendship and looking forward to many more stories of my own in the future.

If there’s one major thing I took from the book, it’s the desire to be more intentional about creating and nurturing relationships.  This compilation of friendship stories made me appreciate the few friendships I have, and long for other life-giving relationships with the women around me.

There are nine categories represented in this book and each has 5-7 stories that put their respective category into real-life situations.  Building Community, Hospitality, Vulnerability and Friendship on Purpose are some of the topics covered in this compilation-style book.  Stories of joy, heartache, fear, forgiveness, hurt and so much more are represented in these pages.  Multiple ages and stages are also represented.

I was surprised at how many practical, bullet-point style tips are present within this publication.  I highlighted more than I thought I would, for sure.  I related to some of the writers more than others, but all of the stories were well-written, thoughtful and enjoyable to read.  This would be a good nightstand book to read a few chapters each morning or each evening as you are getting ready for sleep.  It would also make an especially great gift for a friend!


Disclosure: I received a copy of this book through Baker Books Bloggers.  I was not required to write a positive review.  All opinions are my own.


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