How To Live in Fear – A Book Review

“How to Live in Fear: Mastering the Art of Freaking Out” by Lance Hahn is truly an exceptional and important book for anyone who struggles with panic, fear or anxiety or anyone who loves someone who does.  The book is organized in three parts.  The first: My Story walks through the author’s story of fear, panic and anxiety.  The second section: Our Journey Together covers shared experiences, feelings, issues of anxiety sufferers as well as practical ways to prepare for, cope with and heal from panic and anxiety.  The last part: The Journey with Our Father takes a look at panic and anxiety from a biblical perspective.

First, I must say that the simple fact that this book has been written and published, and by a pastor, is an enormous step towards the collective church understanding and supporting people with mental health issues such as anxiety.  Not only is this book an important one, it is also extremely well written and filled with encouraging, supportive, life-giving words.  As someone who struggles with significant anxiety, I found this book to be a breath of fresh air.  To read of a pastor who unashamedly admits to struggling with extreme anxiety and panic attacks is so very refreshing in a church culture that often ignores and/or shames people with mental health issues.

In How to Live in Fear, you’ll find the definitions and explanations of fear, worry, anxiety, panic and stress as well as many stories and examples of what each of these things look like in real life.  There is an entire chapter devoted to medication – dispelling the myths and how to determine if it’s right for you.  Another chapter talks about ways to manage anxiety from an internal perspective (managing our feelings and thoughts), while another covers ways to manage it from an external perspective (exercise, nutrition, hobbies, etc).

In the final section, The Journey with Our Father, the author covers the spiritual component to anxiety.  Although every word in this book spoke to my spirit, this final section was definitely my favorite.  After talking about who God actually is vs. who we believe Him to be and why that matters in relationship to our anxiety, the author talks about the tools needed to cope with anxiety on a spiritual level.  He points back to scripture over and over again, giving the reader entire lists of scriptures about fear.

There is so much about this book that is encouraging and helpful.  Pastor Hahn not only shares his own story so that we can relate to him, but he also gives hope and help to all who live in fear on a daily basis (like me).  I cannot express how desperately I needed this book or how grateful I am for the courage of its author.  I hope and pray that “How to Live in Fear” finds its way into the hands of everyone who needs it.  Maybe you’re one of those people.  If so, you can click the picture above to find the book on Amazon.  I hope sincerely that it gives you the hope and help that you need.

“I know that some days in this life are discouraging and hopeless, but do not lose hope.  Don’t let the conditions of today shape your soul forever.  You might be sitting in a trial right now, but that doesn’t have to consume or define you.  God is not limited by our limitations and is not afraid of impossible situations.  Pray as though you might be healed today.  Live so that God is glorified through your suffering.  Lift your head, my friend.  Salvation is on its way.” – p135


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