Liberating King – A Book Review

“A thing resounds when it rings true, ringing all the bells inside of you.” – Andrew Peterson, More

Liberating King, by Stephen Miller, rang so many bells inside of me. Bells of truth and acceptance. Bells of forgiveness, worthiness, and peace. The truth of this book so resounded in the depths of my soul that I find myself profoundly moved by it and immensely grateful for the beauty within its pages.  I cannot oversell this one – I honestly believe this book could change your life. I believe it’s changing mine. I’ve read some of these words over and over again, while praying that God would write them on my heart and that they would permanently become a part of who I am and how I live.

In only ten short chapters, Worship Pastor Stephen Miller, covers themes such as suffering, anxiety, forgiveness, people pleasing, loving others, identity and so much more.  There truly is not one word wasted in this 120ish page book.  The major theme of the book, as the subtitle suggests, is about freedom.  It’s about the freedom that we find when we focus our hearts and minds on who God is, what God has done and what our response should be.  He says on pg 19, “There is a difference between logic and truth.  Logic speaks to your intellect.  Truth speaks to your soul.  Solid logic may free you up in many ways, but it will never be powerful enough to set you free.  Only truth can do that.”  He talks throughout the book about truth – rehearsing it (or meditating on it), being filled with it (Holy Spirit indwelling us) and experiencing it (through Jesus who is the Truth).

I don’t personally know Stephen (the author).  I have never met him (although we live and work relatively close to each other).  But after reading this book, I feel like I DO know him.  He pours his heart and soul into this book and it reads almost like a long letter from a loved one who has been so changed by the Truth that they want to share what they’ve learned along the way.  It’s so personal and tender at times that I felt honored to be reading it.  At the end of each chapter there are three “Questions for Application and Discussion”  that would easily make this book into a wonderful Bible Study for women, men, worship teams, church staff, small groups, or even simply a family.  Scripture is woven so beautifully throughout this book and are the basis for every thought and word throughout its pages.

I learned so much in this little book.  I was challenged, inspired, convicted and encouraged.  There are things I’ve been holding onto for a very long time that this book is helping me to release.  I have been quoting passages of this book to everyone around me (whether they want to listen or not) and have read entire portions aloud to my family and to my Worship team.  I feel like Liberating King should be required reading for every Christ follower.  It may be the best book I’ve read all year (and I just finished my 23rd book this year)!

Go buy it.  Read it.  Give it away.  I simply cannot recommend it highly enough!

Here are some of my favorite Quotables from this book:

“..I am created in his image, purchased with his blood, adopted into his family, filled with his Spirit, and given an eternal inheritance in his kingdom.  Day by day, I am growing in the understanding of who I am in Christ, and as I grow, I am able to truly love others well.” (pg 70)

“Worship is our response to God, allowing us a glimpse of the unimaginable, a comprehension of the incomprehensible, a revelation of the infinite breath and length, height and depth of the love of God.” (pg 68)

“Faith chooses to love even when you have been hurt; to forgive, even when the pain is still fresh.” (pg 53)

“We can worship no matter what our circumstances because God’s character is not circumstantial.” (pg 38)


Disclosure: I received a copy of this book through Baker Books Bloggers.  I was not required to write a positive review.  All opinions are my own.



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