Connecting the Dots – Part 2

God’s faithfulness to me and His sacrifice for me have brought me to ask what should I do in return as an act of obedience and worship – here’s what I’ve come to:
As I was stewing over what it means to get connected and committed, God brought me back to a verse I’ve heard probably a thousand times in my life and perhaps never really picked it apart as I have done in the last few days: According to Jesus in Mark 12:30 it is the greatest commandment. “Love the Lord your God with all your HEART, all your SOUL, all your MIND and all your STRENGTH…and love your neighbor as yourself.” So, what does that have to do w/ getting connected and committed??
Getting Connected w/ God requires your heart (it is the wellspring of life), and your soul (the innermost, eternal part of you). Getting Committed requires your Mind (Romans 12:2) and your Strength (Isaiah 7:9b – and many other verses). On Sunday I heard 3 sermons. One on overcoming the past and knowing that God has an incredible plan for you. The second on being completely committed to Christ. The 3rd about the Big and Bold Adventure God is calling us on – to make a huge impact by being bold and sharing the Good News. All made mention of the incredible life God calls us to – the “Great Adventure”. All made mention of being committed to Christ (in many different areas). And all encouraged me to get up and get moving. To get connected and get committed. There is so much more I have to share. For now, I am reminded of a song – an old song (there’s always a song!):
“Saddle up your horses, we’ve got a trail to blaze. Through the wild blue yonder of God’s amazing grace. We’ll follow our Leader unto the glorious unknown. This is life like no other…this is the Great Adventure”

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