Connecting the Dots

Have you ever been so overwhelmed w/ truth and revelation that it becomes difficult to make sense of it all and come up with some sort of action plan? Well, that’s me right now. I’ve been seeking God’s truth like never before, and He is delivering it full force. It’s interesting to me how the more I learn, the more I want to learn. The more I receive, the more I seek. I’m feeding on the very truth of God, and am still so hungry to hear, learn and experience more of Him. (Read Johnny’s blog for some interesting thoughts on being “fed”.) I would love to share with you all the things I’m learning (although most of it is what I’ve known for a long time and it is being reinforced by God in a big way). However, I’m afraid I could never cover it all in a way that you’d actually have time to read, so I’ll try to just connect the dots. I’ve been drawn to Proverbs 4:23 – “Guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life” (this verse comes under the heading of “Wisdom is Supreme” – how interesting is that?! Another verse I’ve been drawn to is Psalm 91:3-5 (it’s about the arrows that pierce our heart.) So, we are to guard our hearts. We also need to know that guarding our hearts is not an easy thing. Our hearts, by the way, are how we connect w/ God – they are the part of us that God wants the very most because they are “the wellspring of life” – the part of us from which everything else flows. I’ve been convinced of the faithfulness of God (there are so many verses God has given me over the last 6 months to attest to this).
God is faithful, that I well know. But God’s faithfulness (and His grace – more on grace later) requires something from me as a response. I’ll talk about that response in the next post.

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