GOD BIG, me small!

I read a post today by Tadd Grandstaff who is the Spiritual Development pastor at Ridge Stone Church in Georgia that made me think. I love it when things inspire me to think. How else would I ever get smarter? Here’s the snippet I most enjoyed:

“I am once again challenged to search my life, to search my heart, to dig deep inside myself to find out where my focus is. In the midst of all the success, in the midst of all the mountain top experiences, it’s easy to forget my first love. I want to renew that relationship, to fall back in love, to fall to my knees and realize in all of God’s extraordinary plans I am just a small piece. I am dime a dozen, He could easily plug someone else in my place and have the same finished product. I am never bigger than His plan. It’s amazing what God can do you when you just get silent and listen!”

God always does an excellent job of reminding me that I am never bigger than His plan and that He can accomplish it without me 100% of the time. BUT – God is an inviting God. He always gives me the opportunity to be a part of His plan. If I always remember that it is a privilege to be a part of God’s will and to serve Him in whatever He calls me to do – then I will be able to be a part of much more than I could ever experience on my own – SO MUCH MORE!

Very cool, Tadd – thanks.

2 thoughts on “GOD BIG, me small!

  1. Thanks for stopping by, Tadd. I very much appreciate your blog. You guys are doing great things at RSC and I enjoy learning from your experiences.

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