God & M&M’s

I overheard an argument earlier this week that got me all fired up. It doesn’t matter what the argument was about. What matters is what I re-realized about my God as a result of that argument.

I really love M&M’s. I do. The best thing about M&M’s is that I like them all equally. Not like skittles. I don’t like the yellow skittles, and the greens are not my favorites either. But M&M’s – yummm! Even the ones that are deformed – or have an M on both sides, or the ones without an M at all. I LOVE THEM ALL.
We are to God as M&M’s are to me. He loves every one.

My God does not discriminate. He does not pick and choose. He wants everyone to know Him. He is a God of mercy, grace, forgiveness, love and kindness.

God chose to send Jesus as a sacrifice for the sins of the WORLD! Not the sins of a chosen few. God sent Jesus for ME!!! and for YOU!!! ANYONE that calls on the name of the LORD will be saved. (that’s scripture!)

TALK ABOUT GOOD NEWS!!! (You can now assume that the caps means that I’m shouting!)

If you understand nothing about God – understand this: He Loves You. He Chose you. He Wants you. He sent His ONLY son to save you. No matter who you are – or what you’ve done. You have the opportunity – the choice – to accept His gift of forgiveness. You have the opportunity to accept Christ’s sacrifice – and to know God. EVERYONE HAS THIS CHOICE.

Christ came for you – because He couldn’t imagine eternity without YOU!

DUDE – that IS good news! Spread it around.

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