Toothpaste or Strawberries?

Okay, so this morning I was sitting on the couch drinking my tea and watching Rachel Ray (for the first time in forever!) while keeping an eye on the kids. Well, Maya walks up to me with a tube of toothpaste in her hands smiling ear to ear. Not wanting her to get it all over herself (or my floor), I took it away and set it on the table next to me just out of her reach. She completely lost it! She is just learning to throw fits, and this one was a doozy. She threw herself onto the floor and cried and cried. Everytime I tried to give her something to distract her, she’d push it away and cry harder. I couldn’t help but laugh. (I know, I’m a wonderful mother 🙂
I just kept thinking…toothpaste? really? That’s what you want? I even tried offering her some strawberries (her favorite) and she wouldn’t have it. It was toothpaste or bust!

I started thinking about all the times I’ve done that to God. How many times have I cried over the “toothpaste” that I couldn’t live without when God had juicy, red, wonderful strawberries He wanted to give me if I’d just stop crying over the lost toothpaste!

I wonder if God laughs at me the way I did Maya. Probably so.

What about you? Are you crying over toothpaste, or waiting for the strawberries?

Funny Kid Stories

Okay, so I’ve always thought my kids were entertaining. But sometimes they are downright hilarious! Here are a few recent examples..

Wisdom from an 8 year old (all of this happened during the car ride home from school):

E: “I think it must take a long time for food to go from our mouth all the way back out.”
Mom: “Actually, baby it has to go through a lot of organs before it’s ready to come back out – like your stomach and your intestines.”
E: “Hey – dogs have intestines too! I learned that from Martha Speaks.” Then, in her best know-it-all voice…”See mom, Martha Speaks is educational. That’s why I should always get to watch it. And Cyberchase too cause it teaches fractions.”

E: “I wonder if anyone knows how to stop the water from coming out when they need to go to the restroom. I think the scientists should really figure that one out.”

And my very favorite…
As we were driving into our neighborhood there was a kid with his parents all out in the middle (the actual middle) of the street! They didn’t even look up or move when we (in my huge van) finally had to just drive around them! Then my 8-yr old said..
E: “I wonder if they are hobos. (pause) One of my friends in Sunday School said that hobos are d-u-m-b (she spells it cause she thinks it’s a major bad word) cause they go into the street and just lay down until cars run over them. But I think they just sit next to the street and ask for food and money and clothes and stuff cause they are actually homeless.”

Wisdom from a 2-year-old:

The other day Syd was lifting up and down her shirt because she thought it was funny. Then suddenly she stopped and said…
S: “Mommy, mommy look! (then she pointed at her chest) – I have bra!”

And last night…
After tooting on me and laughing she suddenly had a very concerned look on her face and said…
S: “Mommy? Yesterday I toot on Christian’s mommy.”
Mom: “What, baby?”
S: Yesterday I toot on Aunt Chelle.”

Don’t really have any wisdom from the 1-year-old yet, but give her 6 months or so and I’m sure she’ll be just as genius as the other two.

Man, I love my kids!

Hello, is this Poison Control??

So I know I already posted about our close call from last night with the dog’s overdose, but needed to update you with our second ‘overdose’ of the last 24 hours. Seriously.

I was cleaning the kitchen and looked over to find Syd (my 2 yr old) on the couch holding my newly bought bottle of pepcid complete. I forgot to put it back up on the counter this morning after taking one – OH NO!

I ran over to the couch to find a very happy, sneaky looking kid, an empty bottle, a pile of chalky pink tablets all over the couch and one in her sneaky little mouth. Asked her to spit it out – too late – already swallowed. I began counting the tablets. There were 25 in the bottle to begin with minus the 2 I had over the last 24 hours minus the 19 I found piled up on the couch and that leaves 4 TABLETS!! I asked her how many she ate and she said 5 – but she’s two and can’t count – so I figured my math was more correct.

I immediately called Poison Control and they said that she will probably be constipated, and might throw up, but it won’t kill her. So, I hung up the phone ready to kill her myself (just kidding for all you who have your hand on the phone about to call child protective services) – and had a very serious talk with her about why you shouldn’t eat medicine that mommy doesn’t give you. She laughed – I cried – good talk.

So it is now only 11:45 and already I’ve had to clean up the aluminum foil that Syd spread across the den (it is now in a very lovely aluminum foil ball b/c I couldn’t get it rolled back up), clean up the mess from my dog throwing up a sock (yes – he also eats socks!), and call poison control to make sure my daughter was not going to die from an antacid overdose. I’m laughing out loud even typing it all!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am in the running for mom of the year – and I’m sure after this post I have your vote.

My 2 year old music critic and my huge chocolate eating dog

It was one of those nights last night. It was bath night – so that was an adventure in and of itself. It was also the night before Elisa’s valentine party at school. I hadn’t been feeling well all day – so I asked Ricky to go to the store and get the valentines along with some pepcid and gatorade (cause of course I forgot to get valentines until the night before – ugh).

We put the youngest 2 down to bed and then Elisa began working frantically on her valentines (which we had again forgotten about). She finished them in less than an hour and headed off to bed. About 30 minutes later Ricky and I heard some rustling in the living room, which is where Elisa had been working on her valentines, and both of us instinctively called out “Elisa – BED!” forgetting we’d already sent her to bed. Then along came Tux (my giant puppy-boxer) trotting along at a pretty quick pace. I told Ricky that he only came running like that when he’d been into something he shouldn’t have been. Then we both looked at each other and realized that the valentines were in the other room (complete with a piece of chocolate on each one!)

The valentines were EVERYWHERE!! All but one of the chocolates were gone – he ate 20 pieces of chocolate!!! We started freaking out – not only because he had eaten alot of chocolate, but because in his frenzy to get to the chocolate he pretty much destroyed the valentines our little angel had spent so much time and effort on!

I read the bag and it turns out that he only ate about 9 oz of chocolate after all – not nearly enough to be fatal. Thank God! He didn’t even get sick – he must have a stomach of steel!

I spent the next hour trying to recover Elisa’s valentines. Luckily I found a bag of chocolate that my mom had bought about a week ago – so I was able to put them back together (and replace a few of them that the dog ate along with the chocolate). Hopefully Elisa won’t be sad that it looks all different. Oh, and by the way – during this fiasco we needed to find out how much he weighed so we’d know how much chocolate was too much chocolate – turns out he weighs in right at 75 POUNDS!!! I knew he was big – but oh man!!

On another note…

This morning while we were driving Elisa to school I turned on the radio.
Syd immediately calls out – “No, mom – not THAT song!”
(Note: it was a very slow, sweet, lovey-dovey song).
So I changed it to PowerFM and I think it was Skillet playing and she said – “Yeah, that one!”
I laughed so hard!! Just to test it out again – on the way home I changed it back to KLTY (disclaimer: I honestly love KLTY – and listen to it regularly) which was playing again a very slow sweet song. She yells out – “I don’t like that song!” I switched it back to Power FM and she yells out – “Yeah – yeah! That one!”

So I guess my 2 year old has inherited my taste in music – woohoo!

What do you know about Jesus?

That’s the question I asked my 2 year old Wednesday night as we were heading home from church. I LOVED her answer. She said…

“Jesus loves God
and God loves Jesus.”

that’s it. I was so excited that she understands (even at 2!!) that God and Jesus are connected. Of course, she then continued on with … “Twinkle, Twinkle loves God and Row, Row Boat loves Jesus…and Mary little lamb loves God and ABEC loves Jesus” My husband looks at me and says, “Now I’m pretty sure there’s some deep spiritual application there if we could just decipher it.” Hilarious stuff.

My favorite part of the car ride home, though, was when my 8 year old asked my 2 year old if she could tell her about Jesus. Syd (the 2 yr old) yells “YES! but Weesa (that’s what she calls her) where’s your bible?”

Ricky and I looked at each other with such tremendous pride in our hearts as we realized how much our little baby already knows about Jesus. She knows that Jesus loves God, God loves Jesus, and that the Bible is the story of Jesus. WOW! We were so proud that our 8 year old was so willing, ready and excited to witness to her little sister. WOW!

If only we were all so willing, ready and excited to share the incredible story of Jesus with those that we love. I love it when God uses my kids to teach me a lesson.

Little girls

I am learning a lot about little girls – since I am trying to raise 3 of them. Being a mother is – BY FAR – the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted. Not because of the potty training, non-sleeping baby, the many trips to the doctor, the constant struggle with messy rooms and messy faces and baths, and all the cooking and cleaning and such – although all of that is hard. It’s because of the many, many emotions that swirl around inside a girls head ALL the time. Little girls are more like little enigmas – it’s really impossible to figure out what to do with them.

My little girl is 8 1/2 now. But 8 1/2 nowadays is more like 10 1/2 was back in my day (like I’m SO old). She is growing up so much faster than I did – at least it seems that way. She is asking questions I don’t have answers to, and is worried all the time about everything. Did we worry that much when we were kids? Sometimes I worry that her worry is a result of my worry. – wow – that’s a lot of worry!

I’m realizing today that there really are just a few things that she needs on a daily basis. Here are some of the things I think she needs from me and her dad:

  • She needs to feel loved
  • She needs to feel safe
  • She needs to feel beautiful (I don’t know why this is – but it seems to be true of all girls.)

It sounds so simple, right? Yeah – not so much. This mothering thing is the most gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, hair-pulling, crazy hard thing ever in life. Each day I wake up terrified that I’m gonna screw up – and each night I lay there praying I’ll do better the next day. There are wonderful moments sprinkled in, but most of the time – it’s just trial and error. I hate that. Each day is a new adventure – we are truly taking it one day at a time.

I’ve decided to start a mom’s support group – for moms of school-aged girls. I figure there’s strength in numbers – right?

I’m also on the search for books and resources to help me in parenting my three girls. If there are any books or other resources that have helped you – please let me know.

Lessons from a 2 Year Old

Yesterday afternoon I was grappling with something God is currently showing me – that will require giant amounts of faith on my part – in trusting that He knows what He is doing and will do what He said He will do.

I really wanted to spend some alone time in prayer, but with 2 little ones – it wasn’t an option at the time. So I decided to take the 2 little ones with me and take a walk to go pick up Elisa from school. I got both girls loaded up into the 2 person stroller (which is wonderful, by the way) and off we went.
We were barely to the sidewalk when Syd (my 2 year old) started telling me (not so politely, I might add) that I was going the wrong way. “No, this way Mommy!!” she kept telling me. “Wrong way – go that way!” she said. I laughed a little at the fact that my tiny little 2 year old thought she knew better how to get there than I did, then I sweetly said to her – “Sydney, I promise I know the way – why don’t you just sit there and enjoy the ride.”

Immediately I felt as though I was the funny little 2 year old, and God was the one laughing at me saying, “Kimberly, I promise I know the way (in fact, I am the Way) – why don’t you just sit back and enjoy the ride.”

I smiled a little as tears began to stream down my face. I am so tickled sometimes at how God chooses to speak to me.