Funny Kid Stories

Okay, so I’ve always thought my kids were entertaining. But sometimes they are downright hilarious! Here are a few recent examples..

Wisdom from an 8 year old (all of this happened during the car ride home from school):

E: “I think it must take a long time for food to go from our mouth all the way back out.”
Mom: “Actually, baby it has to go through a lot of organs before it’s ready to come back out – like your stomach and your intestines.”
E: “Hey – dogs have intestines too! I learned that from Martha Speaks.” Then, in her best know-it-all voice…”See mom, Martha Speaks is educational. That’s why I should always get to watch it. And Cyberchase too cause it teaches fractions.”

E: “I wonder if anyone knows how to stop the water from coming out when they need to go to the restroom. I think the scientists should really figure that one out.”

And my very favorite…
As we were driving into our neighborhood there was a kid with his parents all out in the middle (the actual middle) of the street! They didn’t even look up or move when we (in my huge van) finally had to just drive around them! Then my 8-yr old said..
E: “I wonder if they are hobos. (pause) One of my friends in Sunday School said that hobos are d-u-m-b (she spells it cause she thinks it’s a major bad word) cause they go into the street and just lay down until cars run over them. But I think they just sit next to the street and ask for food and money and clothes and stuff cause they are actually homeless.”

Wisdom from a 2-year-old:

The other day Syd was lifting up and down her shirt because she thought it was funny. Then suddenly she stopped and said…
S: “Mommy, mommy look! (then she pointed at her chest) – I have bra!”

And last night…
After tooting on me and laughing she suddenly had a very concerned look on her face and said…
S: “Mommy? Yesterday I toot on Christian’s mommy.”
Mom: “What, baby?”
S: Yesterday I toot on Aunt Chelle.”

Don’t really have any wisdom from the 1-year-old yet, but give her 6 months or so and I’m sure she’ll be just as genius as the other two.

Man, I love my kids!

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